TVB Infotainment

“Design for Future” Infotainment with TVB

To promote the construction industry in Hong Kong and attract talent, the industry has partnered with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to produce a series TV program titled “Design for Future”, introducing the diversity in work and career prospects of the construction industry.

There will be real-life sharing from the current workers in the construction industry. The five-episode content includes themes such as Craftsmanship, Girls’ Power, Youth Development, Career Prospects, Technology Development, Safety, and Team Spirit, visualizing and presenting the latest construction industry.

Aired Period: 10-28 April 2023

Episode 1: Don't Underestimate the Power of Women!

Xing and Ashan are female machine operators in the minority and they are also rare examples of true "inheritance" in recent years. The mother and daughter have made a breakthrough on the stereotyped image of the construction industry as male-dominated on-site work. If you want to know their stories, stay tuned to the show!

Episode 2: Hard Work Creates Perfect Skills

Cement sand mortar works skilled worker Sam and his apprentice Edward share their work experiences, letting the audience know how work in the construction sites could be run smoothly, and how it can be precisely executed, which Master SEH, teacher of Sam, introduced the new facilities of HKIC, and shared the changes in environment and career prospects of the construction site between the two generations.

Episode 3: Work Hard, Play Hard

Three young ladies work in our industry, Claudia, Belinda and Sarita, will share their stories on how the construction industry new generation fulfill their careers and dreams.

Episode 4: Master of Space Creator

Antony, Doris, Leonard and Chris will talk about their profound understanding and takeaways through the involvement in the design of the Tsui Ping River and Kwun Tong sewage pumping stations.

Episode 5: Big Boys Club

By introducing a major infrastructure project, the Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Link, Anson, Kelvin, Man and Ma have developed a close rapport and trust. The big boys club exhibits dedication of the construction industry, and the importance of cooperation across different departments.