“Design for Future Build for Life”
Construction Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Construction Industry brings visible and touchable achievements to our daily lives. We design for the future and build for life. The Construction Industry responds to the needs of our society, embraces the use of innovation and technology, together we build a better life for everyone in Hong Kong.

In connection with the above, the Construction Industry Council (CIC), with the support of the Development Bureau and in partnership with professional and trade institutions of the construction industry, is implementing a joint promotion campaign – “Design for Future Build for Life”, for the whole construction industry to reach out to the community, with a view to (1) enhancing public understanding of the professionalism, contribution and prospect of the industry, and (2) attracting new blood (including workers, technicians and professionals) to join the industry.

A Task Group has been formed for the publicity campaign including professional organisations and trade associations, namely the CIC, Development Bureau, the Association of Architectural Practices, Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong, Education Bureau, Hong Kong Construction Association, Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Contractors’ Association, the Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Limited, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. Other related organisations such as unions, subcontractors etc. are also participate as co-op members to support this industry-wide initiative.